Liquid Death

Liquid Death Branded Fortnite Game

Murder Mountain on Fortnite


Liquid Death tapped Buoy Studio for their first foray into gaming and landed on Fortnite as the perfect platform. With the latest tools in Unreal Engine for Fortnite, we built Murder Mountain - a meticulously crafted summer camp with flowing Liquid Death water and content from Liquid Death's storied history in advertising. Beyond a bespoke map, we used Epic's Verse coding language to flip the run & gun style of Fortnite on it's head where players must first splash each other with an in-game can of water before they may be eliminated. This project represents a paradigm shift in how brands engage with their audience; it's a testament to the future of immersive advertising. We've crafted an experience where every corner of the Fortnite map tells a story, a story where Liquid Death doesn't just murder thirst but virtually murders everyone who plays Murder Mountain.

Liquid Death