Acuraverse 2023 Integra Launch

Real-time Metaverse Experience & Digital Collectible Drop


Through Mullen Lowe LA, Buoy launched the initial NFT drop, where the first 500 people who purchased a 2023 Integra received an NFT made by highly acclaimed artist Andreas Wannerstedt. The NFTs upgraded/evolved into another animated state, and all came with additional benefits when people took delivery of their car IRL in May 2022. The 500 NFTs were gone in a few minutes after launch. The campaign is supported by a first-of-its-kind virtual auto dealership with interactive quests and limited edition wearables. A scavenger hunt with limited edition Puffer jackets, also designed by Andreas Wannerstedt, drew tens of thousands of people to the dealership for Acura Grand Prix racing day in Long Beach, CA, on April 8, 2022.